Are u critical thinker?


I want vacation!


Assalamualaikum &hi!

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GOAL (part 2)


As we had learned in class, Goals have its timing. Either for short duration or long! By madam Nawal.

   So for this entry, I will evaluate my goals whether its now or in 10years coming!

   Before this, my life is simple! Just go with the flow, but rethink back. Maybe going as well, but now at least we must target what are things actually we do for my life? What are the goals? Or why I am here? (sorry its too cliche haha)

    So I conclude this for you, but also make help for you as viewer to start having a goals!

             GOAL ONE (short range)
    Target to complete my foundation with successfull by getting a high pointer (3.5 ⬆)

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Reflective diary

tumblr_nh8bvkWJ0m1qdgkv7o3_1280This week topic given is reflective diary. Okay some question have been asking by mdm

1. Why are you doing foundation in science?

2. What are you doing currently to achieve your dreams?

3.How long it will take for you to make your dreams in reality?

              Since high school, I have been love with science subject. Than I decide my studies in foundation in science course. This give me an opportunity to me in more understanding in science field. Furthermore, this is my first step to pursue my degree in medicine or dentistry or any related to science area. Also it shortened my time only 1 year for this course.

            Basically I have not own any passion, who I want-to-be. But physically I am now trying my best in my study to achieve Dean’s List or get high pointer. I set that every semester I want to get 4 flat for my result. Of course, this is rewards for my parents as they have give many supports (money, energy, time) for me. For this semester, I must put more struggle and be serious in study schedule, follow the timetable. Be well prepared, organizing and be punctual.

Also I dream to be part in rescue team for people who is victim or been abused. As we can see in others country where the residents are struggle of bloodshed in to save their country. I want to save their life and at least I had helped them.

             As I grad and get result with flying colors and becoming a specialist (yes my dream more to be a Dr.) Actually it takes a long time to achieve my big dream as a rescue team. Instead in duration in study, me as student try to participate a rescue team of NGO that  have same objective which is help people in needed of help.

As a student busy with campus life, its not the excuses for me to be parting as I can well manage my time. Furthermore, this objection or dream, it give me a satisfaction for me as I saved someone’s life.

Thank you 🙂

Proud knowing as siakapatin :D


Mr. goggle do not have ikanpatin.image

“inibelogsaya or my humble diary or notafancyblog or siakapatin?”

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Okey this is my first post haha. Before this I do have a blog but I dont remember the web address also the password, yes I am easy to forget where the things-not-so important to me.

About the description above, I have been thinking what the-most-accurate-nice name for address my blog. And yes I choose Siakapatin because I love ikan patin very much haha which is related to myself, and yes my mom’s cook is the best in universe (dont be offensive) hahaha.

Actually (this is intro) I create this blog for my assessment project in subject Effective Study Skill which I have been currently studied by Madam Nawal 🙂 So the post will be more to given topics and related to my life as student in Foundation in Sc.

Anyway if any ideas or stories or some critics, just drop. I am happy if does! :))))))))